Roots-R-Us is passionate about empowering individuals to live a healthy happy life by being a living example. We are here to assist anyone that wants to take the knowledge of self to the next level. We want to help you to see that you have the ability to become healthier, not by just speaking the words alone but by putting intentions into actionable items.

We also aim to assist in the understandings that your journey should not be rigid but should flow like water. Strong and focused but ready to learn more and to modify your path should you need to, in an effort to reach your best potential. It is our belief that no one can know your body better than you can and that you do not need to live a life attached to labels imposed by others. By learning to listen to your body and understanding that the signs and symptoms that arise are your body's way of calling out for your attention, you can help put it back into balance.

Just as a garden grows, if one plant becomes diseased then the plants surrounding it will likely become diseased and when there is balance and health in the soil everything thrives and produces well, so does your body. This is also a representation of our community. In order to thrive as a people, individually we must be healthy enough to spread that mindset and lifestyle to those around us. In this manner, we are each doing our part to form a strong and healthy community capable of doing many great things.

Once we being to feel and see the connection that everything we need to survive and be healthy is in nature, that we must be cognizant and take care of these gifts, it is then that we begin to see clearly that we have the ability to use what nature provides in order to bring balance to our beings.

Where do I start?

This course was developed to help you put your intentions into actionable items.

Watch each session when it is convenient for you or when you need a reminder but remember you don't have to do this on your own, reach out and join our Renew You Facebook group.

These 6 videos help you identify how to begin your health journey.