Session 5 : Benefits of Herbs

Herbs provide you with essential nutrients and can be taken as an infusion or a tea. Nature provides everything you need and tastes good too! ~Arminda Colón



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Spices are more than something to add to your meals as flavor enhancers , they also provide a lot of vitamins and nutrients.  Spices are herbs and herbs are spices.  Whichever way you look at them, they provide you with benefits such as cell rejuvenation, energy boosts, hormones/natural chemicals balancers and more.  You can add them to your life by powdering them and adding to smoothies, baking dishes, meals, teas, sprinkled on top of your food or even in capsules.

Add a new herb/spice to your life but make sure to research them first so you can verify they are only providing what you need and do not interact negatively with something you are already using.