Session 3 : Self Care

Natural chemicals working together maintaining balance is a process by which cell communication/healing takes place. ~Arminda Colón



What exactly is self care?  When asked that question many draw a blank.  The average person is waiting for someone to take care of them but why wait for someone else when you know what you like.  By learning and nurturing yourself you can help enhance your relationships because you can show and tell! ;)

Self care promotes positive energy and encourages to bring the balance that we need.

Examples of self care: Bubble bath, walk in the park, lunch alone/friend, spa, fav activity, something you do very rarely, something you wish/want someone else to do for you

I've created Self care mini explorations which will help remind and give you ideas about when and how to get your self care in.

Self care mini explorations are 7 cards you use to plan your mini explorations in self health.  

  1. You simply download (using the link above) the document.
  2. Print out and then cut out the cards. 
  3. Go to your calendar and schedule in a day for each of the 7 self care tips.  Make sure to set a reminder for 1 day before so you don't forget
  4. Repeat, making so to schedule in at least 1 day for each week in the month.
  5. Now you can create your own cards 

Was the exercise helpful?  Learn anything new?  Awareness heightened? How do you feel? Please join us in the Facebook group so we can talk about your experience.