Each product is crafted using the beneficial qualities of each ingredients, in order to allow your body to receive what nature intended.

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Herbal Formulas

A 30 day supply customized for you so that you receive the optimal benefits of the herb(s).

Food Plan

When you need a little help with creating excited healthy meals that are full of flavor and filling, our Bee Balanced food plan is there for you!  Complete with recipes and a shopping list tailored to benefit your health and keep you in balance.

Organic Seeds

Our seeds are 100% Organic, Non GMO. Some seeds are Heirloom and will be noted as such.

Since we aim to help you start a garden or add to your existing garden, we sell our seeds in convenient packages of 10* seeds each.

No chemicals were using on the plant or in the soil.

*Most seeds are sent in a qty of 10 each, if the amount varies it will be noted in the product description.

Organic Plants

Organically grown from seed, each plant is nurtured until it strong enough to travel home to you.

Wellness Packages

Whole Body Wellness Package, an all in one solution to answer the question "Where do I start?" You have mentally made the change to start becoming a healthier you but don't know where to start. Our Whole Body Wellness package is what you've been looking for to assist you in your transition.

* These packages include the Bee Balanced Food Plan

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